Grand cafe Brinkmann of Haarlem

A visit at Grand Cafe Brinkmann in Haarlem is a must while visiting the city. The majestic entrance will inform you about the history of the place and the beautiful architecture inside will lure you at least for a tea.

Grote Markt Haarlem
Grand Cafe Brinkmann is on the left of the market, right across the old meat hall.

In 1879 the 2 brothers Brinkmann come to Haarlem. They open the first cafe with restaurant in the city and they have enormous success. Initially in a smaller location, Grand Cafe Brinkmann moves in Grote Markt. As financial issues appear into the neighbors businesses, the brothers extend the place and set, in 1907, a larger cafe. The history is not gentle with the owners, as diseases and financial problems arouse. As a result they lose the property, once a symbol of wealth, art and entertainment.  But in 2010 the cafe is renovated and open again for visitors. Interested in the entire history?  Check here – in Dutch, but easily translated.

Located in the middle of the city center, the cafe is a perfect place to be in any season. Usually filled with locals, it is also a great cafe to experience Dutch food and beers. Living in Haarlem, I have to admit that this is my favorite place to go out. The atmosphere is nice, there’s no loud music, the food is great and the service is good. And what I like most is the interior design, the surprising combination of old and new.

Regarding the food options, if you are a peanut enthusiast then you should try “kip sate”, which is a Indonesian chicken with peanut sauce. The burger will not disappoint either and in case you are vegetarian there are some options too. If you are visiting during lunch you will have the opportunity to try a true Dutch lunch, as the cafe is offering multiple types of bread sandwiches. The prices are the standard ones in the cafes of Haarlem.

In conclusion, if you are tired of strolling around the city, Grand Cafe Brinkmann could be a good option for rest and food. Hope you’ll like it too!




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